Georgina Kennedy was born in London, 1992, with a natural love of music. At the age of 5 she took up the piano and began her music career. As a child, she won many competitions, festivals and also performed for a variety of charity events. When reaching her teens, Georgina introduced the harp and ukulele into her line of instruments, broadening her musical knowledge. 

When she reached the age of 14, her family decided to move to Sri Lanka, which was a huge culture shock, but her confidence grew dramatically. Being given the chance to understand and learn different styles of music greatly influenced her and can be recognised in her compositions today. 

At the age of 18, Georgina returned to the UK to study BA Music at Falmouth University; this was where her love for composition began. She composed for many projects, contemporary dance, classical group performances and film. During her third year at university Georgina returned to Sri Lanka to work with a production company, Hit Factory, where she recorded many of her own vocal tracks and composed for local TV/Radio Commercials. 

After leaving university with a successful 2:1 degree, she headed back to Sri Lanka and worked with another successful music production company, Redfox Ltd. Georgina was able to work alongside a well known production artist, Pasan Liyanage, who introduced her to the Sri Lankan music industry. While working together they achieved many awards for their songs, which reached the top of the charts in the No.1 Sri Lankan Radio station, Yes Fm. Along side this success, Georgina composed for a worldwide advertising agency, Leo Burnett Solutions Ltd and other local agencies. She had the opportunity to gain experience with the Sri Lankan Symphony Orchestra, which helped her orchestrate for her own compositions.  Song writing, singing and receiving many voice overs were also continuous throughout this brilliant experience. 

Gaining and achieving these wonderful musical moments in Sri Lanka, Georgina is now back in the UK creating her own business, Georgie Alice. 


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